Hockey coach Kelly Jones sentenced to 8 years for sexual assaults

An Ontario Superior Court judge sentenced a 58-year-old former minor hockey coach to eight years in prison Monday for dozens of sexual offence charges relating to 11 victims.

Kelly Jones, 58, used to coach minor hockey and baseball in Ottawa

Former Ottawa hockey coach Kelly Jones was sentenced to 8 years in prison for sex assault. 2:57

An Ontario Superior Court judge sentenced a 58-year-old former minor hockey coach to eight years in prison Monday for dozens of sexual offence charges relating to 11 victims.

Kelly Jones, a former bantam level hockey coach, pleaded guilty to dozens of sexual offence charges for incidents dating back several decades. (Supplied photo)
Kelly Jones, 58, pleaded guilty in April to sexual assaults involving 11 victims and spanning three decades.

That includes two sexual assaults that had previously been under a publication ban because Jones was under 16 years old when they happened.

Jones said in court there are other victims as well.

Justice Heather Perkins-McVey said while handing down her sentence on Monday that Jones was in a position of trust with the victims, 10 boys and one girl — in one case dating and moving into the home of a single mother of two boys to get access to them.

Justice Perkins-McVey said Jones would invite victims to his house, give them beer and "groom them" by making them watch pornography.

Two of the victims sobbed in court during the hearing and one person left the courtroom during a description of the assaults.

According to the CBC's Judy Trinh, Jones broke down upon hearing that one victim had "forgiven" him.

"I understand the grooming and I understand the heinousness of it, but the facts were that I care about him, I still care about him," said Robin McMillan, who applied to have himself excluded from the publication ban on the victims' names.

"I know it’s perverted, I know it was wrong, I know he stole that from me but the thing I had to admit was I didn’t do anything wrong but I cared about him, I still care about him and denying that was eating me up inside."

McMillan said he wasn't as much concerned about the number of years Jones received as he was relieved he had to admit and take responsibility for what he did.

First charged in September

Ottawa police first charged Jones in September 2013 with allegations he sexually assaulted a boy who played for a hockey team Jones coached. The incidents took place at Jones' apartment and, later, at a house Jones purchased.

One month later, police laid more than 30 additional charges against Jones because more victims came forward to police after hearing about the first case in the media.

The second set of charges related to incidents going back decades, some of which took place at Jones's home. The victims were minor hockey players, baseball players and boys Jones came into contact with at a grocery store he worked at.

One assault took place during a camping trip in Algonquin Park. Jones invited a boy to go camping with Jones and his son, but when the boy arrived Jones said his son wasn't able to come. Jones and the boy then headed into Algonquin Park, where Jones told the boy to tell a park ranger he was Jones's son.

The assault took place in a cabin, according to court documents. When the boy cried and asked to go home, Jones told the boy he would be the one to decide when they would leave.

Jones was taken into custody after pleading guilty to more than 30 charges involving sex assault of children in April.
He was out on bail prior to that, and has been deemed a low to moderate risk to reoffend by psychiatrists.