Hidden Rideau Canal cracks send 3 people to hospital

Ottawa paramedics reported three people were taken to hospital after they fell on the Rideau Canal due to cracks in the ice, which were hidden by fresh snow.

Blowing snow covers cracks along Canal skateway during busy day

A busy day on the Rideau Canal Saturday turned sour for three people who went to hospital after skating into cracks in the ice, which were hidden by the fresh snow.

It was a busy day on the Rideau Canal with temperatures rising slightly, but blowing snow covered cracks in the ice, which caused some dangerous skating conditions.
Ottawa paramedics first reported a 56-year-old woman fractured her wrist while falling on the ice. She was treated on the Canal and chose to find her own way to the hospital.

Then a 41-year-old dislocated her shoulder after falling and she was treated for severe pain and taken to hospital by paramedics.

The third person taken to hospital was a 58-year-old man who fractured his left elbow. He was also treated at the Canal before paramedics took him to hospital.

The Canal was covered in snow due to heavy winds that repeatedly pushed snowfall on to the ice surface.

That meant not all cracks in the ice were visible to the naked eye.

The National Capital Commission said Sunday ice conditions ranged from poor to good across the Canal's 7.8 kilometres.

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