Herongate Mall set for redevelopment

The new property owner of Herongate Mall will start the redevelopment this summer to build large retail stores in place of the mall and some of the parking lot.

Food Basics one of few stores to remain through construction

The property owners of Herongate Mall plan to modernize the space, and they believe it would benefit the community. 1:53
Herongate Mall has a vacancy rate of more than 40 per cent. (CBC)

A south Ottawa mall will be torn down for the construction of larger retail stores starting this summer.

The property owners of Herongate Mall plan to modernize the space and they believe it would benefit the community.

Trinity Development, who purchased the land from Transglobe Property Management in 2011, told CBC News it has been working on the redevelopment since it first controlled the space.

In an email, a company spokesperson said there would also be space for smaller retail spaces and the only current store to remain during redevelopment, as well as afterwards, is Food Basics.

The large retail stores will also be built on some of the current parking lot.

Some shoppers told CBC News the mall is a community meeting space and it will be sorely missed.

Fewer shoppers, tenants

But the current stores in Herongate Mall have seen a decline in the number of shoppers and tenants.

Vipin Paruthi is concerned about relocating his store, which is currently one of few that remain in Herongate Mall. (CBC)

"I've been at the mall 17 years and I've never seen it look like this," said Judy Booth, who works at a clothing store, referring to the mall's quiet atmosphere.

Other shopkeepers now have to relocate, which is a difficult task according to one man.

"You get scared ... looking for all options, but it's not easy, not easy everywhere to find a place," said Vipin Paruthi.

Paruthi added he would like to be more informed about the time frame for construction and when he would have to vacate this current store.

Trinity Development said the first phase of construction should be complete by the fall.