Some Ottawa golf courses say the heat wave is driving people away from their fairways, adding to the rough patch that hit during a rainy June.

Chris Bernard, the golf pro at Emerald Links Golf and Country Club in Manotick, said it's been a quiet week as the humidity pushes temperatures above 40.

Bernard is one of few who continue to walk the fairways and greens, but he calls this weather "unbearable."

People choose pools or the air-conditioned spaces like movie theatres instead, which follows tips given by Ottawa Public Health.

"Any time you get into 32, 33 with that humidity people just start to fall off," said Bernard.

Other golf pros in the region agreed the heat combined with consistent rain has been detrimental to this summer's business.

Water greens at 3 a.m.

The heat is providing a complete opposite effect to the June showers, though.

Workers now have to start as early as 3 a.m. to water greens in anticipation of the red-hot sun.

Some golf courses are now offering free cart rentals to encourage golfers to take a swing. They are also handing out bottled water, hats and even sunscreen as added incentive.

The health of each course's customers is also a top priority, said Bernard, when people do take a bit of a risk to play on hot days.

"Especially the older people that walk. You really hang out with them for a bit to make sure they're doing all right and make sure they got water. That's the biggest thing for them," she said.

The only way golf courses can make up for the lost revenue is with a long fall golf season.

This weekend's temperature is expected to cool down, but that could also mean more rain for Ottawa.