The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is warning residents that some people are once again scamming residents by going door-to-door selling CPR training.

In one recent case, someone approached a homeowner in February claiming to work for the Heart Insititute. The person said that because February was heart month, they decided to go out into the community to sell CPR training on behalf of the institute.

"That's not true," said heart institute spokesman Vincent Lamontagne Friday morning. "We don't ask our staff to do that."

In some other cases, registration fees were asked for and paid in advance, according to a media release issued Friday.

The recent scam is very similar to another CPR training scam in Ottawa two years ago, in which a fake company claimed to be affiliated with Ottawa paramedics.

Anyone contacted by people selling CPR training on behalf of the institute is asked to call Ottawa police at 613-236-1222, ext. 7300.