Havoc volunteer search and rescue SAR Global 1 retires July 16, 2014

Havoc, a 13-year-old Kelpie, is retiring after 10 years of working with SAR Global 1, Ottawa-Gatineau's largest volunteer search and rescue team. (CBC)

After 10 years of hard work with Ottawa-Gatineau's volunteer search and rescue team, Havoc is retiring.

The 13-year-old Kelpie was the first canine to work with SAR Global 1.

Throughout his career, he helped find and rescue two missing people, discovered bodies, assisted the city's police and fire departments, and found missing items worth more than $5,000.

These days, Havoc is deaf and suffers from arthritis. The dog now depends on hand signals for instructions.

To watch Havoc in action and to hear what his handler has to say, watch CBC reporter Kamil Karmali's full TV report by clicking here.