CBC Ottawa headed east for our special series shining a spotlight on parts of the city that are changing.  

Earlier this month, both Hallie Cotnam, host of Ottawa Morning, and Adrian Harewood, co-anchor of CBC News Ottawa, put the spotlight on Manotick, featuring interviews and stories from the small town that's now part of our big city.

If you live in Orleans, we want to hear from you.  What do we need to know about your community?  What makes Orleans unique?  Send us an email.

On Thursday, the crew headed past the Greenbelt to a suburb that's grown to nearly the size of Kingston. Orleans is big — and booming. But with all those new cars on the road — it's no wonder you often hear traffic reporter Dave Brown warning of trouble at 'the split.'  

The city's solution is to lure more companies eastwards, to create more jobs. But how to attract business, when there's debate over where, exactly, Orleans' core is? And, what do residents feel is the best way to fix the congested commute?  

We talked about the issues facing Orleans starting with Hallie Cotnam, broadcasting live from Orleans, for Ottawa Morning's Hallie in the Hood.

Then, Adrian Harewood was on location with more stories about the area on CBC TV News starting at 5 p.m.