A 10-month-old boy from Barry's Bay, Ont., now holds the Guinness World Record for finding the world's largest oak leaf.

Even though the tot's name is on the record, it was actually his parents, Gary and Stephanie Plebon, who discovered the leaf in the family backyard last fall while raking up leaves.

The leaf was almost as big as their son, Brady, who was just four months old at the time.

"After hearing about the largest maple leaf in southern Ontario, we decided to contact Guinness World Records and find out what the record was [for oak leaves]," Stephanie said.

"Our leaf was bigger," she said.

"The record at the time was 45 cm by 25 cm," she said. "Our leaf is 41 cm long and 28 cm wide."

"The leaf size is measured on the surface area of one side of the leaf. Our leaf wasn't long, but it was wider, giving it more surface area," Stephanie said.

She said she filed the paperwork under her son's name as a gift to him.

The Guinness World Records confirmation arrived in the Plebon mailbox last week. Plebon said she framed the leaf, and it now hangs on their wall.

Barry's Bay is about 185 kilometres west of Ottawa.