The group "Citizens for Safe Cycling" has released its 2012 report on cycling in the city.

The report gives unflattering grades to the city on various bike-related issues and comes as "Bike to Work" month begins.

"The city's made a lot of progress in the last few years, but if we really want to be a bike city we need to make a lot more," said Alec deVries, Vice President of the group.


A cyclist in Ottawa. (CBC)

The report states:

  • Many bike lanes end unexpectedly and the city needs to address "missing links" that force cyclists into traffic.¬†The group wants "a completely connected network instead of individual segments."
  • On and off-ramps of the 416 and 417 highways are barriers to cyclists because of hills and bike lanes that direct cyclists between two lanes of fast moving vehicles.
  • The city needs to address snow clearing on lanes, traffic signals that are "impractical" and insufficient bike parking.
  • The city has done a good job of expanding bike parking, including covered parking, but many businesses have had to install bike parking for employees because the city is not keeping up¬†with the demand.

The city of Ottawa is developing a major east-west cycling corridor to connect Vanier to Westboro. Most of the work is scheduled to be finished by the fall of 2014.