This year's Grey Cup game may officially be sold out, but after the Ottawa Redblacks' uninspiring performance on Sunday, tickets have become a whole lot easier to track down.

Less than 24 hours since the Redblacks lost 31-20 to Saskatchewan in the CFL East Division semifinal, dozens of Grey Cup tickets have gone up for sale on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.

A quick scan of Kijiji's "Tickets in Ottawa" section Monday morning found 15 different ticket packages put up for sale within a two-hour window.

kijiji ottawa grey cup redblacks tickets for sale cfl nov 13 2017

A screen shot of some of the 2017 Grey Cup tickets put up for sale on Kijiji the day after the Ottawa Redblacks lost the CFL East Division final to Saskatchewan. The game will be played in Ottawa on Nov. 26. (Kijiji)

Not long after Sunday's game ended, season ticket holder Kathy Kelly decided to find a buyer on Kijiji for her pair of aisle seats in TD Place's south side stands.

'If I can't sell them, I'll for sure go. I win both ways.' - Kathy Kelly

"It was a little disappointing," Kelly said. "I still love my team, but it was disappointing. We all expected so much more."

She said she'd already been thinking of hawking her seats — this year's Grey Cup falls the day before her birthday, and she wanted to spend it with her daughters — and the semifinal loss sealed the deal.

Kelly said she'd probably still watch the game, but at home in front of a warm fire, rather than outdoors in potentially sub-zero temperatures.

"We seem to have a lot of fans for every team, for every sport, that live here. I'm sure there's people looking to get tickets," she said.

"If I can't sell them, I'll for sure go. I win both ways."

'An expensive experience'

For Remi Delangis, the decision to sell his tickets — two seats on the north side of the stadium, near the 20-yard line — was made easier not just by the fact the Redblacks lost, but also by the recent birth of his son.

Having a six-month-old meant his wife wouldn't be going with him to the game, Delangis said, even if the Redblacks ended up making it.

Like Kelly, Delangis put his seats up for sale after Sunday's loss. 

"If I don't sell them, I'll just go to the game. There's not really a team that I'm going to go cheer for. I'm just going to go for the experience, I guess. It's just an expensive experience, right?"

TD Place is adding extra seats for the Nov. 26 game, with two temporary stands in both end zones boosting the stadium's capacity from 24,000 to 36,000.

Tickets for the 105th Grey Cup final sold out in late October.