Some Canadian soldiers delivered donated goods to 14 immigrant families on Tuesday night in an effort to help settle them into Canada and the Christmas tradition.


Lt.-Col. Steve Nolan said he had a lot of help bringing companies and businesses together to donate goods. (CBC)

Over the past several months, 14 Afghan interpreters and their families have settled in Ottawa. They all worked for the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, and their dangerous work allowed them to be fast tracked to Canada for their own safety.

Lt.-Col. Steve Nolan and others arrived in two minivans packed with presents.

"It's going to be great. There's toys, the legion did gift baskets for each family, 14 families," Nolan said.

John Majboor arrived in May. He hopes he can bring his family to Canada someday.

"When I was in Afghanistan I feel really, really danger. My life was at … greatest risk, but now I feel free, now I'm really happy here. I have a job and I'm going to college and I have a good life here," Majboor said.


John Majboor, who worked as an Afghan interpreter for the Canadian Forces, moved to Ottawa in May. (CBC)

"I'll never forget what they've done for me. They helped me a lot. They saved my life."

The first time Majboor celebrated Christmas was on the base in Kandahar. In Ottawa, he said it's been hard to adjust to the winter.

"This our first Christmas in Canada, we're trying to get into it," he said.

The donated goods came from big companies such as Giant Tiger, Metro, Sobey's and M&M Meats, but also from local businesses "owned by former immigrants who are understanding of the cause," Nolan said.

"You would be amazed at how much stuff and all the donations and everything that have all come together at the last minute," Nolan said.