The owner of the failed rent-to-own company Golden Oaks spent more than $370,000 on poker chips at the Casino du Lac-Lemay over a 20-month period before declaring bankrupcy, CBC News has learned. ​

Loto-Québec was asked to hand over information about Jean-Claude Lacasse to a court-ordered receiver in March after allegations of gambling surfaced.

Lacasse filed for bankruptcy in July 2013, leaving more than 100 investors, tenants and contractors at a loss of more than $27 million. Receivership company Doyle Salewski Inc. was appointed to seize Golden Oaks' assets.

Lacasse has previously admitted to visiting the Gatineau casino on occasion.

JC Lacasse Jean-Claude photo Golden Oaks rent to own scandal

Jean-Claude Lacasse is facing millions of dollars in lawsuits. (Supplied photo)

According to data from Lacasse's casino membership card, he went to the casino at least 85 times in 2012. ​Loto-Québec detailed that he purchased $372,000 in gambling chips between August 2011 and April 11, 2013.

The receiver said the chip purchases chronologically match when Lacasse took cash from his personal bank account and the Golden Oaks bank account.

Allegations of criminal interest rates

In its latest report filed in court on Monday, the receiver found that six people other than Lacasse — including a mortgage broker, lawyer and real estate agent — participated in Golden Oaks Enterprises and are substantially liable for its actions.

It also found that more than 20 people were selling investment instruments in the Ottawa company without a license and promising interest rate returns of more than 60 per cent. Those interest rates are considered criminal under section 347 of the Criminal Code

The receiver said more than $1.3 million was paid out at an illegal interest rate.

Bankruptcy proceedings are scheduled to return to court in September. 

The RCMP's financial crimes unit and the Ontario Securities Commissions is also investigating.