An Ottawa woman accused of killing her neighbour came to the front door of her neighbour's home after the body was discovered and cried when told about the death, an Ottawa police officer testified Thursday.

The Crown alleges 37-year-old Gurpreet Ronald and her alleged lover, Bhupinderpal Gill, 40, conspired to murder Gill's wife Jagtar Gill because they were involved in a long-term affair.

Jagtar Gill, 43, was found bludgeoned and stabbed to death on the afternoon of Jan. 29, 2014 in her home on Brambling Way in the Ottawa community of Barrhaven.

The co-accused, who both faces first-degree murder charges, were neighbours and both drove buses for OC Transpo.

The Gill's daughter was the first to discover her mother's body on the floor of the family home when she returned home with her father after buying flowers and cake to celebrate her parents 17th wedding anniversary.

Officer first at scene testifies

Ottawa police constable Tina Gallichon, the first police officer on the scene, testified on Wednesday before Ontario Superior Court Justice Julianne Parfett and the 12-person jury.

She said got the call just after 1 p.m. that a woman was unconscious at the Gill home. When she arrived paramedics told her that Jagtar Gill was dead.

Gallichon said she conducted a brief interview with Gill's husband Bhupinderpal Gill, as well as the couple's daughter and nephew.

After speaking with the family, the officer said she looked through the window panel next to the front door and saw a woman approaching the house.

Neighbour was out of breath, frantic

Gallichon said she opened the door to speak to the woman, who she said was out of breath from running.

Jagtar Gill homicide January 2014 victim

Jagtar Gill, 43, was found dead in her home on Jan. 29, 2014. (Gill family)

Crown prosecutor Brian Holowka asked Gallichon to describe the woman.

"Five foot three, possibly East Indian descent and she had dark shoulder-length hair tied up in a pony tail and she had a small face," replied the officer.

Holowka then asked what they talked about.

"She asked if everything was okay and she seemed frantic because I wasn't telling her what we were dealing with," said the constable.

"I asked her if she was a family member and she said no, she was a neighbour who knew the people who lived in the house."

When questioned if the woman called Bhupinderpal by name. "I think so but I can't say with 100 per cent certainty," replied the officer.

Officer identified accused in court

Gallichon testified that after she told the woman Jagtar Gill had passed away "she put her hands up to her mouth and cried 'Jagtar, Jagtar.'"

The police officer said she put her hand on the woman's back to try and comfort her.

She added the woman approached the front door twice and the constable had to tell her she couldn't come in the house.

Crown prosecutor Holowka asked Gallichon if she would recognize the woman who came to the door on the day Jagtar Gill was killled and she replied "Yes, it's Mrs. Ronald."

She then identified the accused who was sitting in the prisoner's box.

Gallichon's testimony continues Thursday.