Gatineau's public transit system, the STO, is launching a pilot project that will provide free wireless internet service to its passengers on three of its articulated buses.

The pilot project will start late this week or early next week and will last six weeks.


Dominique Leclerc, a spokesperson for the STO, said three articulated buses will have wireless internet in a six week pilot project.

There is no cost for the pilot project because articulated buses are already equipped with what is needed to supply internet service.

"At the moment it doesn't cost anything," said Dominique Leclerc, a spokesperson for the STO.

People waiting for STO buses responded positively to the idea of Wi-Fi on their buses.

"It's a good idea, cause it takes me like 40-45 minutes to get back home tonight," said one customer, who said he looks forward to doing something other than staring out the window.

The STO will be asking users to respond to an online survey to assess if the transit system should commit to offering Wi-Fi on more buses.

"If it's popular we will try to put it [on] some other lines," said Leclerc.