Gatineau police are investigating a violent robbery at the Outaouais campus of the University of Quebec last Friday as a potential hate crime targeting homosexuality.

Two men, both over forty years old, were in a wooded area behind the university on July 11 at around noon when they were assaulted and had their bikes, smart phones and money stolen.

The attackers threw one of the men in the Ottawa River, while the other man was able to run away.

Police say one of the victims managed to contact police and describe the suspects. Police conducted a patrol of the area and found the two suspects still on the bike path. A short foot-chase ensued and police arrested the men.

The two suspects — both 21 — were taken into custody and charges are pending.

Gatineau police spokeswoman Mariane Leduc confirmed in an email the attack "seems to have been a hate-motivated crime against homosexuality." 

Gatineau police are reviewing files to see if similar incidents have occurred.