More than 12,000 counterfeit Cialis erectile dysfunction tablets and nearly 4,700 methamphetamine tablets were seized from an east-end Gatineau apartment on Tuesday that was equipped to operate as a drug lab, Gatineau police said.

Fire crews called police after discovering the "clandestine laboratory" while responding to an alarm at 781 St. René Blvd. E., Gatineau police spokesperson Andrée East said. No one was inside at the time, she said.

An industrial press found in the apartment was capable of producing 21,000 tablets an hour, according to tests conducted by Quebec provincial police.

Police also found synthetic drug ingredients, drug recipe sheets, electronic scales and protective masks in the apartment.

East said no arrests have yet been made in the ongoing investigation.

She warned that methamphetamine is dangerous to consume not only because it is highly addictive, but because it is made in illegal labs with a mix of chemical products that vary from batch to batch.

"All the mixture of the chemicals are homemade, so the composition of the pills can vary a lot from one pill to another, which means that the people who are taking it don't really know what they are taking and they don't know the quantity they are taking," she said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Gatineau police at 819 243-4636, ext. 2.