Gatineau police are crediting a concerned friend with helping them find the victim of an alleged kidnapping on Tuesday.

They said the 43-year-old woman was confronted by an ex-boyfriend outside her home on Monday morning, ordered at knifepoint to follow him back to his home in Gatineau’s Hull sector.

Once they arrived, police said the woman was tied up and threatened for about 32 hours.

While this was going on, the victim’s friend and co-worker told police she was concerned about her not showing up at work for a second straight day.

Police said they found the woman at the home of the accused 47, and charged him with kidnapping, forcible confinement and causing bodily harm.

The victim was shaken but not physically harmed, according to police.

Beaulne was convicted of these same charges in 2003, released in 2011 with no parole restrictions.

He was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.