It's a major attraction in the National Capital region, the brilliant display of colour in the trees, especially in the Gatineau Park, and it is just as spectacular this year in spite of warnings that the hot, dry summer might have spoiled things.

"The signs were quite obvious that something was happening that we don't usually see. Some [trees] were changing colours and shedding leaves in the middle of summer," said Louis-René Sénéchal, park co-ordinator.

But then, the rain came and the trees recuperated in time for their usual fall panorama.

"I can't even explain how beautiful this place is," said Gatineau Park visitor Raji Virma.

He drove his family to the park from Toronto just to see it for themselves.


Raji Virma drove his family to the park from Toronto. (CBC)

"We are amazed to see the colours, the beauty, and I think this can only happen in Canada," he said.

Some visitors take special pleasure in see the colours, because they have a real sense of what comes next.

"This won't last, and after comes the winter, so I think it makes it very special. Because it won't last, you want to enjoy it the most you can," said Alexandra Vadon who is visiting from Montreal.

"I always feel a little nostalgic, and I feel some magic in the air in the fall. We like nature for that. It's...special," said Juan Pascual, who is visiting from Montreal with Vadon.

In fact they found it so special they spent the night in a parking lot so they could have breakfast with a full view of the park’s colours.