A man in his 60s is dead after his car plunged into La Blanche river, near Chemin Dufresne, in Gatineau.

Police and firefighters received the emergency call around 10:50 a.m. on Sunday.

It is believed the man, who was from Gatineau and was the only occupant of the car, missed the entrance to the bridge that crosses the river. No damage was found on the bridge structure.


A man in his 60s is dead after his car plunged into the La Blanche river, near chemin Dufresne, in Gatineau. (Google maps)

Patrick Vaillancourt, with Gatineau police, explained that police and firefighters found the car in the river upon arrival.

They struggled to extricate the vehicle because of the river's escarpment.

"They tried to approach the car to help, but unfortunately the strong flow of water and the position of the vehicle prevented them," Vaillancourt said in French.

A security area prevented media and the public from approaching the scene where the fatal crash occurred.

Authorities said a small amount of gasoline escaped the vehicle.