Gatineau filmmaker Matthiew Klinck found dead in Belize

A Canadian filmmaker found stabbed to death outside his home in Belize Monday evening is being remembered as a multi-talented "ambassador" for his hometown of Gatineau, Que.

Belize police say 37-year-old man found outside his home, which 'appeared ransacked'

Matthiew Klinck, 37, was found dead in Belize on Jan. 4, 2016. The Gatineau man is seen here in a Radio-Canada report about his work as a filmmaker. (Radio-Canada)

A Canadian filmmaker found stabbed to death outside his home in Belize Monday evening is being remembered as a multi-talented "ambassador" for his hometown of Gatineau, Que.

Belize police told CBC News that Matthiew Klinck, 37, was found lying face-up about five-metres from his home, which "appeared ransacked." He had been stabbed 14 times in his lower neck and upper back, local police Supt. Andrew Ramirez told CBC News.

There are no suspects at this time.

His mother Louise Dallaire, who lives in Gatineau, told Radio-Canada that she is flying to Belize with family members on Thursday.

Jacques Ménard, commissioner for the Gatineau-Outaouais Film and Television Office, knew Klinck as someone with an "entrepreneur spirit," who worked as a producer, director, videographer and editor. 

"He was great as an ambassador for the region because of his travels all over the world," he said. "It's just a very sad story that his family would lose him, his friends would lose him and the region would lose this guy." 

Klinck directed the 2007 film Greg & Gentillon, about two small-time comedians, and the 2008 film Hank and Mike, an Easter movie about holiday mascotsHe was living and working in Belize at the time of his death.

Klinck last seen alive Saturday

Klinck's body "was in its initial stage of decomposition" when it was found around 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 4 in an "isolated" area in the village of Selena in the western part of Belize, Ramirez said.

He had not been seen since Saturday afternoon, Ramirez said.

He offered his "sincerest condolences" to Klinck's family.

"We will try our utmost best to find out who did this heinous act upon Mr. Klinck and to bring proper closure and make sure justice prevails," Ramirez said. "We want to know if he has any enemies around the community."

An autopsy confirmed that he died of internal and external bleeding, Ramirez said.