Garage sale season is here, and Health Canada is warning vendors and buyers to screen items for banned or unsafe products.


Lawyer Michael Rappaport said new Canada Consumer Product Safety Acy legislation can lead to stiff fines for vendors who sell prohibited products that harm people. (CBC)

Canada's Consumer Product Safety Act was revised last year to give it more powers.

The agency said vendors can be held responsible for selling prohibited items.

Marilyne Guevremont was running a garage sale Sunday and told CBC News she used common sense to screen what she had for sale.

"In general I know common sense says car seats or strollers have an expiry date," she said.

Selling banned products can lead to big fines

But the prohibited list includes more than that. Baby walkers, toys with stretchy cords, lawn darts and any products recalled in Canada are on the list, too.

"So if you sell something that is defective and it harms someone, you could face administrative fines of between $5,000 to $25,000, although I do not foresee these being enforced," said lawyer Michael Rappaport.

He said he hasn't yet heard of anyone being prosecuted under the new laws.

But Guevremont said she'll be more careful in the future.

"It definitely makes me think twice before organizing a garage sale to make sure I respect those laws," she said.