Larry Esmonde-White, the co-host of a popular gardening television program that ran nationally in the United States for more than a decade, has died. He was 95.

Esmonde-White co-hosted From a Country Garden for 14 seasons with his wife Anstace on the PBS station from nearby Watertown, New York.

Anstace and Larry Esmonde-White

Anstace and Larry Esmonde-White hosted From a Country Garden for 14 years from their home in Kemptville, Ont. (Courtesy PBS)

It was shot at Evergreen Farm, the couples' home and themed gardens in Kemptville, Ont.

The program offered gardening advice and tips and was syndicated nationally to public broadcasting stations across the United States beginning in 1985.

A PBS spokesperson said From a Country Garden remains so popular that it is re-run on the station's summer schedule.

Esmonde-White died last week in Ottawa.