Gatineau, Que., police believe there's no public safety risk after a man found a recently shed boa constrictor skin in the front yard of his home earlier this week.

Josselyn Boiron snake boa constrictor cat leash July 10 2014

Josselyn Boiron, right, is keeping his two cats on leashes after finding the boa constrictor skin in his yard. (Stu Mills/CBC)

Josselyn Boiron told CBC News he discovered the skin under shrubs on Tuesday afternoon.

He took it to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa and staff told him his finding was recently shed boa constrictor skin.

Boiron said he's now keeping his two cats inside and on leashes, and also trimmed the shrubs in front of his home to make it a less attractive hiding place for snakes.

A day camp for eight- to 10-year-olds operates in a church across the street from Boiron's home.

On Thursday morning, Gatineau police said they spoke to a woman they believe owns the snake. She told police it is now in Montreal.

The investigation continues.