A former orderly at the Hull Hospital made his first court appearance Thursday after being charged with assaulting a 99-year-old patient.

Yves Laplante, 44, is charged with once count each of sexual assault and sexual exploitation. He had been working at the hospital for seven years.

The victim has a mental disability and was unable to express herself. Other employees suspected an assault had taken place in September, and the hospital installed cameras on the eighth floor.

Laplante was fired on Sept. 20 after an alleged incident on Sept. 18, and Gatineau police arrested him Wednesday.

Stephane Dubé of the Centre de Sante et de Services Sociaux de Gatineau said the hospital community is upset.

"They were very troubled with that kind of incident, with that kind of event," he said. "Think about the age of the patient, think about that employee [who] was there everyday, and they were talking to him. So it's always a troubling event."

A bail hearing is scheduled for Oct. 16.