The jury in the trial of a man accused of scalding his wife with boiling water and leaving her to die heard from a forensic officer that it was difficult to get her fingerprints because she was so badly burned.

Mark Hutt, 36, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Donna Jones in Dec. 2009. The Crown alleges he physically and psychologically abused his wife.


Donna Jones and Mark Hutt married in 2007. (submitted)

Sgt. Stephen Jones, a forensic officer who testified on Tuesday, gave a detailed description of the crime scene in the basement of the victim's home and testified about signs of physical violence.

Forensic officers found red stains, that could be blood, on walls, a hallway floor and on stair posts. There was also a broken door.

Red stains were also found on a hair scrunchie, on a sneaker and on the collar of a coat.

Jones also described the smell he confronted upon entering the home.

"There was some decomposing odour. It was an acrid, sickly smell, nothing like I've smelled before," said the police officer.

Sgt. Jones said he found three pots in the sink and a pellet gun. He said he noticed burns and many bruises that looked like they had been there awhile.

Sgt. Jones also testified that more than 30 pellets were found in the victim's body.

The jury heard that Hutt and Jones both faced financial problems. Hutt declared bankruptcy in June 2006, around the time the couple got engaged, and Jones started paying his bankruptcy bills shortly before their marriage in 2007. In 2009 Jones declared bankruptcy.

Witnesses previously testified that the normally frugal Jones started buying Hutt expensive gifts after they met. She bought him an ATV and a pool table and assumed his car payments.

Hutt's cell phone records show calls made outside couple's house after Jones scalded

Hutt's cell phone records show he called Jones at work a dozen times per day. His calls to her stopped on Nov. 25 2009, the day that Hutt said he accidentally threw boiling water on her.

His cell phone records also show that calls were frequently made outside the couple's residency after his wife was scalded.

After Nov. 25 Hutt 's cell phone was used in Aylmer, Que., Vanier and Kirkwood. One call was made to a Merivale paintball store. He also called his divorced parents and an ex-girlfriend.

The lead investigators found handcuffs, a bow and arrow and a sword at his residence.