Workers building the Lansdowne Park condos took a construction tradition to new heights on Tuesday.

Structural work is now complete on the 21-storey condominium at the west end of the TD Place stadium, according to Minto, cause for a “topping off” party.

But instead of the traditional barbecue on the ground, Minto said it wanted to do something special – lift a 4,000 kilogram food truck to the very top.

“We've hoisted equipment, but we've never hoisted a food truck to the roof,” said Lloyd Kilgore with Minto.

Roger Pattison Grill Master Express food truck

Roger Pattison with the Grill Master Express food truck said this was the coolest thing he's ever done. (CBC)

The rooftop meal of chicken, ribs and salad was provided by the Grill Master Express truck, after it was emptied of more than 450 kilograms of food due to a failed first attempt.

Grill Master Express’s Roger Pattison said he’s never done anything like this in 20 years in the business.

“My heart was stopping when I saw it about halfway up there. But the boys, they know what they're doing, so they made it happen,” he said.

“We do a lot of work in the city, almost 300 events a year, and this is by far the coolest event I've ever done.”

Construction crews will work on the inside of the building over the winter, with the goal of having the first residents move in by the end of summer 2015.