Parts of Old Ottawa South flooded in 2008. (Courtesy of Mark Fryars)

Flooding this spring is a real possibility in the area near the Rideau River after a near-record amount of winter snow remains on the ground, according to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

Snow measurements on Mar. 4 found the snowpack covering the Rideau River watershed is the second highest in water content since the authority snow surveys were first begun in 1974.

The water content was equivalent to an average water depth of 126 mm, the authority said.

While there is enough water to cause flooding in vulnerable areas, whether flooding actually occurs will depend on temperatures, rain and snowfall over the next few weeks, they said.

The authority said should the five-day forecast call for warming temperatures or enough rain, it would issue a flood watch.

Should the river be expected to reach a flood stage in at least one vulnerable community, a flood warning would be issued.