A paramedic and a police detective testified Tuesday about the extensive injuries they found on Donna Jones's body in December 2009 after responding to a 911 call about her death.

The jury at the trial of Mark Hutt, an Ottawa man charged with first-degree murder after Jones's death, also heard the 911 call Hutt made on Dec. 6, 2009, and looked at crime scene photos for the first time.


Donna Jones and Mark Hutt married in 2007. (submitted)

Hutt, 36, has pleaded not guilty.

Ottawa police Det. Tara Anderson, who responded to the 911 call, described the scene at the house as "terrible."

"I've never seen anything like this in my life," she told the court.

Anderson said Hutt told her Jones was drunk when she fell into a fire at a friend's party in Cornwall, and that co-workers patted her down. Anderson testified Hutt told her that when Jones got home, she refused to go to the hospital.

The detective testified she saw severe burns on the victim's stomach, arms and sides. Jones also had two black eyes, scrapes and holes in her legs, Anderson said.

She also told court that Jones "looked like she had been dragged behind a car on a gravel road," and she described Hutt as "agitated and hysterical."

Jones's face swollen, paramedic testifies

Paramedic Logan Martin testified that Jones' face was swollen so much she couldn't open the victim's eyes to check her pupils.

Martin said when she lifted Jones's T-shirt to check the burn injuries, Jones's shirt was sticking to the wounds.

The court heard that Hutt gave police elaborate reasons for Jones's injuries, and that he said he tried to treat her burns himself.

Anderson testified he told police that while he was carrying her to the bathroom she fell and a "large chunk of her hair fell out." He said that she also hit her head on a bed post and on a bathroom wall.

She also said Hutt told police he pawned things to pay for bandages that he put on the burns on her arms.

Anderson said Hutt didn't cry when he was told his wife was dead.