A helicopter continued to dump water and firefighters continued to battle hot spots and flare-ups well into Friday evening after Thursday's large brush fire at the Stoney Swamp Conservation Area.

Fire department spokesman Marc Messier said about 40 firefighters were dealing with more spot fires Friday evening, and that the hot weather wasn't helping.

A helicopter was expected to continue dumping loads of water throughout the area until sunset, Messier said.

The fire area covers about 40 hectares of brush along Lime Kiln Trail between Moodie Drive and Old Richmond Road, in the area just south of West Hunt Club Road.

Embers sparked fire near Richmond backyard

Firefighters were given a bit of a scare Friday afternoon when embers from the brush fire leaped close to a nearby backyard on Old Richmond Road and started a grass fire.


The fire was burning along Lime Kiln Road between Moodie Drive and Old Richmond Road. (Submitted by Scott Watson)

Messier said the fire spread to nearby brush about 1.5 metres away from a home, but it was quickly put out by firefighters.

Firefighters contained the fire late Thursday afternoon after digging a fire berm, but continued to monitor hot spots overnight and into Friday morning.

Several homes in the area of Richmond Road and Hunt Club Road were evacuated Thursday due to heavy smoke, fire officials said, not because of any threat from the fire itself.

Residents were later allowed back home.

Firefighting efforts expected to continue Saturday

Messier said firefighting work would likely continue on Saturday.

There was some concern Thursday about the Wild Bird Centre on Moodie Drive, but the fire was contained before it reached the centre. There are about 300 birds kept there for rehabilitation.

Smoke from the fire was visible in much of south and central Ottawa, and as far away as Gatineau, Thursday afternoon.

There are no fire hydrants in the area. Firefighters managed to get several hoses into the area, but most of the work is being done by firefighters with water packs on their backs, according fire department spokesman Marc Messier.