A series on the dangers of the prescription drug fentanyl and its impact in Ottawa and surrounding communities has earned CBC Ottawa an award for local health reporting from the Canadian Medical Association.

Fentanyl: Fatal addiction


Steve Fischer

Read our stories from January and watch videos on the rising problem of fentanyl, its potential dangers and what people in Ottawa are doing about it:

For CBC Ottawa's series, Fentanyl: Fatal addiction, reporter Steve Fischer talked to former addicts, addiction workers, doctors, police and pharmacists, chronicling fentanyl's emergence as one of the deadliest drugs in use.

The series won a 2013 media award for health for excellence in local health reporting (print or broadcast).

Receiving the award alongside Fischer are producer Jennifer Beard, editor Sarah Lalumiere, online reporter Paul Jay and executive producer Paula Waddell.

The award was one of three wins in 11 categories for the CBC.

The award ceremony will be held Oct. 2.