Family sues Pembroke dentist in 2011 fatal crash

The family of an Ottawa man killed in a 2011 fatal crash has filed a $500,000 civil lawsuit against Pembroke dentist Christy Natsis, accused of impaired driving causing death plus two other charges, CBC News has learned.

Christy Natsis currently on trial for 3 charges including impaired driving causing death

The family of an Ottawa man killed in a 2011 fatal crash on Highway 17 has filed a half-million dollar civil lawsuit, CBC News has learned, against the woman accused of impaired driving causing death and two other charges in connection with the crash.

Pembroke dentist Dr. Christy Natsis, has been charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and exceeding the legal blood-alcohol limit in the head-on crash.

Natsis has pleaded not guilty to all three criminal charges related to the head-on crash on March 31, 2011 near Arnprior.

But CBC News has obtained documents detailing a second case against Natsis, this one brought forward by the family of the crash victim, 50-year-old Bryan Casey.

The civil lawsuit claims a total of $500,000 in damages ranging from loss of future family income, loss of guidance and companionship for the widow, Lee Ellen Carroll, and her three children, plus any punitive damages.

The damage breakdown is $200,000 for Carroll and $200,000 for her three children. It also includes $100,000 for Casey's father, sister and brother, who live in England.

The case also asks the court to rule on whether additional damages should be awarded to the family beyond the $500,000.

The criminal trial is now into its second week and none of the allegations have been proven in court.

The civil case would not begin until after the trial is complete.