An elevator in an Ottawa Community Housing building has been fixed a week after it broke down, stranding some residents with limited mobility.

Rheal Cyr had been stuck on the fourth floor of his apartment at 181 Bruyere St. in Lowertown for a week, and was unable to get to his doctor's appointments in his electric wheelchair.

Cyr relies on a wheelchair to get around since his leg was amputated.

He said the elevator was fixed at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

The elevator had stopped working on Aug. 27, leaving him and other seniors with limited mobility trapped inside the four-storey building. 

"I can't understand," Cyr said. "No matter the cost, it's a priority for the elevator to work."

The president of Ottawa Community Housing said the elevator was shut down to keep tenants safe because it's old and needed maintenance. The repairs were delayed as workers waited for a part, said Stéphane Giguère.

"We talk about tenants with specific needs that can be more vulnerable, so it's really, really important that we are more than proactive, that we are foreseeing what can happen in each and every elevator in our portfolio," Giguère said.

Giguère said staff members visited each apartment to check if tenants needed groceries or laundry done. 

However, Cyr said he was forced to phone the Red Cross for food since he could not go grocery shopping.