An 84-year-old Gatineau man facing a charge of second-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife may have to return to jail after he was granted bail Thursday.

Domenico Torrente was arrested in March after a man called 911 to report that a woman was dead at 52 Rivermead Way in Aylmer. Officers found that his wife, 76-year-old Santina Larosa, had been shot, and arrested Torrente.

It was Gatineau's first homicide of 2012.

Torrente, who is disabled, was granted bail Thursday pending the trial.

But one of the bail release conditions stipulates that Torrente must reside in a seniors residence.

His lawyer told Radio-Canada Thursday that it took him three months to find a seniors home that would take Torrente, and shortly after being released from jail Thursday, the operators of the home changed their minds and refused to take Torrente in.

If Torrente's lawyer can't find a home that will agree to take Torrente in, he will likely have to return to jail later Thursday.

The charges against Torrente have not been proven in court.