Two American bounty hunters have pleaded guilty to smuggling an Ontario man into the United States.

They were charged after Kenneth Weckwerth, 59, of Eganville, was handcuffed and taken across the border earlier this month.

It's alleged Weckwerth skipped out on a $10,000 U.S. bond after being charged with felony drug trafficking in Ohio.

He has been held in custody, in Buffalo, N.Y., so he could provide evidence against the two bounty hunters.

Martin Littlefield, a prosecutor in Buffalo, says the order to hold Weckwerth as a witness will be dropped Wednesday. But, Littlefield says, he'll be handed over to officials in the Immigration Services section of the U.S. department of Homeland Security.

"He'll be maintained in custody until such time it's determined how they're going to proceed," Littlefield says.

"Obviously, there's an outstanding drug warrant from the state of Ohio, and that has to be reviewed. DHS officials will make a determination how to proceed in consultation, I understand, with the department of State, and obviously the department of State's consultation with the government of Canada," he says.

Canadian officials have called for Weckwerth to be returned to Canada, not sent to Ohio to face the drug charges. The Ontario Provincial Police are also expected to lay charges against the bounty hunters next week.