Eastern Ontario roads closed due to flood, dam concerns

Several eastern Ontario communities are under a local state of emergency and several roads are closed because of the risk of flooding.

Flooding concerns centred around dam, bridges, near Bancroft, Ont.

A township near Bancroft is worried about flooding causing damage to its dam. 2:27

The mayor of South Algonquin Township, about 65 kilometres northwest of Bancroft, said they're concerned about a nearby dam and three key bridges because of rising waters.

Due to large amounts of rain and melting snow, Ontario Provincial Police have closed many side roads near Highway 62 and Highway 28. Police said many side roads are "washed out" and they are not driveable.

This photo shows major flooding in the Bancroft area. (Photo courtesy of Gabby Hoard)

Hastings Street North is also closed to vehicle traffic from Flint Street to John Street.

Township mayor, Jane Dumas, said the amount of water running through the Galeairy Lake Dam is 40 per cent higher than the previous record.

"It's the weather and the (snow) melt, if it proceeds at a reasonable rate then we can accomodate it," she said.

However, she did mention a forecast that shows an additional 40 millimetres of rain could be coming as cause for concern.

Water is also up "around the boards" of the Algonquin Street Bridge in the community of Whitney and has topped over another, closing both.

Bancroft having 'more immediate' problems

Bancroft is also under a local state of emergency, with officials closely watching levels of the York River.

Residents and businesses near that river are being asked to secure anything that may float away and to also respect barricades put up by the town.

"Bancroft is certainly having more immediate problems," Dumas said. "Our (main concern) is the Galeairy dam.

Parts of central Ontario have also seen flooding, with an estimated 1,000 residents affected in the town of Huntsville, about an hour and 20 minute drive west of Whitney.

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board is also warning of the possibility of flooding in the days ahead because of snowfall and the spring melt.

That advisory stretches from an area near Pembroke to the Montreal region.