Eastern Ontario couple without running water for a week

An couple in Wendover, Ont., says they’ve received no help from their municipality after their water line broke last weekend, leaving them without running water for nearly a week.

Richard Dionne says township, private road owner can't tell him who will fix water line

An eastern Ontario couple says they're caught in limbo after their water supply was shut off. 2:15

An eastern Ontario couple says they’ve been getting no help from their municipality after their water line broke last weekend.

Richard Dionne said his Wendover, Ont., home has been without running water for six days after the municipal water line burst two doors away.

Since that family was on vacation, Dionne said the township of Alfred and Plantagenet shut off the water as a response and told him it’s not their responsibility to fix it because it’s a private road.

“They basically say they don't have any plans for the pipes, which they installed,” he said. 

“They were asking me if I knew where the pipes were. I have no idea. I'm a financial adviser, not a plumber.”

He said he believes the township should be in charge of getting water back, since he pays water and property taxes and they originally installed the line.

The township did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Considering moving, legal action

Dionne said the owner of his road hasn’t been much help either.

“He basically told us it was our problem,” he said. “I cannot dig on somebody else's property. It's not our property. So we're confused.”

Richard Dionne said he only has a bit of water left over from a neighbour's frozen hose to flush his toilet. (CBC)
He said they had been getting water from a neighbour’s garden hose, until that froze.

Now he said they’re considering finding another, temporary place to live while considering legal action.

“We're not going to have a choice,” he said. “Eventually we have to do something. We need water.”