A family in the rural east Ottawa community of Sarsfield is cleaning up after what looks like a tornado tore across their property during a violent storm Tuesday afternoon.

Environment Canada has neither investigated nor confirmed a tornado touchdown in the area.

Michael Valiquette got a call from his girlfriend's frightened 17-year-old daughter around 5 p.m. Tuesday — she was the only one at the house on Dunning Road near Régimbald Road when the storm passed through.

She ran down to the basement for shelter when a window shattered.

Valiquette arrived about half an hour later at 5:30 p.m., and was awestruck by the extent of the damage.

Shed torn apart, tree snapped

"I just couldn't believe the disaster that was strictly on this property and nowhere else around," he said Wednesday morning.

Strong winds tore apart a shed, drove branches into the ground, blasted another branch through a window, deposited a trampoline in a field about 100 metres away and snapped a large tree behind their home.

"I'm not sure if it was a tornado, but it certainly looked like it with my unexperienced [eyes]," Valiquette said.

No other homes appear to have been touched, but some trees on nearby properties were damaged.

The damage on Dunning Road has not been reported to Environment Canada. The weather agency typically sends investigators to examine reports of damage and determine whether it was caused by a tornado, and if so, determine how strong the tornado was.

On Wednesday morning, Environment Canada confirmed a tornado touched down that same evening in Lachute, Que., about 100 km east of Dunning Road.