Some residents of the Centrepointe neighbourhood say they're worried about their safety after two crashes through residential fences in recent months.

John Assad was at home with his family Wednesday just after 6:30 a.m. when his children heard a bang in the backyard. They looked outside to see a red sedan that had crashed onto the Castlethorpe Crescent property.

"I was up inside the house and I heard a big crash, explosion-like sound and I thought maybe there had been something wrong with the gas line," said Philip Assad, John's son.

John Assad said he was lucky to awaken later than usual before the young driver crashed. The incident sent debris into the kitchen where Assad drinks his morning coffee, but he had not made it there yet.

"I peeked my head into the kitchen and I saw all our windows blown out … when I peeked outside I saw a mangled Pontiac Vibe sitting in our backyard on our back deck," Philip Assad said.

John and Philip Assad (Oct. 30, 2013)

John Assad and his son Philip examine the debris after a car smashed through their fence. (Kristy Kirkup/CBC)

The Assads said a 16-year-old driver said he was trying to avoid a cat when coming off of Hemmingwood Way onto Centrepointe Drive. Then he lost control and went through the fence.

Councillor calling for changes to road

This is the second home along that block to fall victim to a driver that lost control along Centrepointe near Baseline Road in recent months.

Coun. Rick Chiarelli said he'd like the city to make the road more narrow in order to slow vehicles down.

He said the city analyzed the road using a point system and told him it's not at the top of their priority list.

"It's fine that the point system says there isn't an issue but clearly cars going through into people's houses is an issue," he told CBC News.

He said he hopes Wednesday's crash will force city staff to take another look at the problem.

Ottawa police continue to investigate but said the driver will not be charged. Weather and road conditions also contributed to the crash, police said.