The woman driving a van involved in a hit-and-run crash with a Subaru car on Highway 417 Thursday night says it could have easily killed her and her 13-year-old daughter, who was in the passenger seat.

Ontario Provincial Police are looking for a white Subaru Legacy after its driver hit a van while driving erratically on the Queensway.

Chrystal Berube told CBC News the driver of the Subaru appeared to intentionally drive into her vehicle.

She and her daughter, Haley, are now recovering at home in Kemptville. Crystal Berube has whiplash and a sore ankle, Haley has a concussion and four stitches on her face, and both have a lot of bruises.

'He's a monster'

"He's a monster to do this to me and my family," Chrystal Berube said. "He needs to be caught."

She was driving her van westbound on the Queensway Thursday night at about 8:30 p.m., in the passing lane near Bronson Avenue.

Chrystal Berube Haley Berube Queensway hit and run crash

Chrystal Berube and her daughter Haley, 13, are recovering at home. (CBC)

The driver of the Subaru suddenly appeared behind her, flashing his high beams, Chrystal Berube said. She moved her van one lane over into the slow lane to let him pass.

"He pulled up beside me, looked at me, then I kept going and he kind of backed off. And then he sped up, rammed into my vehicle," Berube said.

The impact sent Berube's van across several lanes of highway traffic into the right barrier, OPP said. From there, the van spun back across the highway and crashed into the left barrier.

"I got out and I was in shock," Berube said. "People were coming out saying they saw what happened, and next thing you know the ambulance was there, taking us to the hospital. I think it was road rage. I have never met a crazy person like that before."

Driver described as balding man in his 40s

Police are looking for a newer model white Subaru Legacy sedan. It will have damage, and possibly blue paint from the van on its passenger side.

The driver is described as a balding white man in his 40s.

Police are waiting to see if the driver tries to take his car into an auto shop for repairs. Anyone with information is asked to call OPP at 613-270-9171.