Some users of the Conroy Pit dog park in south Ottawa have taken to tying bags of dog feces to trees and bushes because they don't want to carry them throughout the park.

Earlier this year, the City of Ottawa took over maintenance of the park from the National Capital Commission.

The NCC had several bins for dog feces throughout the park, but the city installed only a single large bin at the entrance.

Fay Taylor at Conroy Pit park

Fay Taylor says she's been tying bags of dog poop to trees and bushes every day, but that she picks them up on her way out of the park to dispose of them. (October 2, 2013) (CBC)

"It's in the wrong place," said Fay Taylor, who has been using the park for five years. "They used to have two boxes up there and two down here, and the majority of dogs go poop ... when they come in.

"And the way they've set it up, we now have to carry it all the way around. We go for an hour and we can't put it in the box until we get here."

Instead of carrying the waste, some people have been leaving it to pick up on their way back.

"I do that every day, because I don't want to carry it all the way back to here so I pick it up on my way back," Taylor said. "I do, but everybody doesn't."

Olaf Kuehn also uses the park.

"All of a sudden you saw these bags either on the ground beside the path or hanging in trees and bushes," he said. "They were decorative all right."

Another bin to be installed within 2-3 weeks, councillor says

Coun. Diane Deans said her office received a lot of complaints when the city took over management of the park.

"They didn't actually get any extra money in the parks and rec budget, in fairness to [them], and no one gave them an instruction manual on what level of service that the NCC maintained at that park," Deans said.

"So it's been a little bit of a learning curve for them and I was receiving a lot of complaints."

She said a second large bin will be installed elsewhere in the park in about two to three weeks. Other park maintenance, including tree trimming and weed management, has also been improved, she said.