An Ottawa man who was denied security clearance by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service two years ago says he has been vindicated.

Bhupindar Liddar was appointed Canada's consul-general to Chandigarh, India, in 2003, but Foreign Affairs cancelled the appointment before his first day of work.

On Monday, the federal government appointed him to a new job.

Liddar had spent part of the '70s and '80s working as a parliamentary assistant. It was through that work that he travelled to the Middle East and made contact with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Liddar thinks that a CSIS background check that highlighted that association may have cost him the appointment in India. But a scathing report by an appeal committee criticized the CSIS background check as inaccurate and misleading, and Liddar eventually was granted his security clearance.

A Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Kim Girtel, says Liddar's new job is in Nairobi, where he's to be Canada's representative to the United Nations Environment Program, starting in January, 2006.

Liddar says he's pleased that any doubts about his suitability for a diplomatic post have been removed.