City crews worked to contain a fuel spill in the sewer at a Toys "R" Us parking lot this morning.

The call at 1683 Merivale Rd. near Meadowlands Drive came in just before 8 a.m.

Diesel fuel spill sewer Toys "R' Us parking lot

Diesel fuel spilled into a sewer at a Toys "R" Us parking lot on Merivale Road Tuesday morning. (CBC)

The fire department said a transport truck had pulled into the parking lot when the lid of a catch basin punctured the truck's diesel fuel tank.

The spill involved an estimated 600 litres of diesel fuel, up from 400 litres earlier Tuesday morning.

Crews managed to prevent the spill from spreading further into the sewer system, and absorbent booms were used to soak up and remove the fuel.

The Ministry of the Environment is overseeing the clean-up efforts.