A deer was spotted running around the ByWard Market — a popular nightlife destination in downtown Ottawa — on Sunday evening, prompting a police warning.

The deer was found in the area of King Edward Avenue and the ByWard Market, police said in a media release issued Sunday at about 7:45 p.m.

"The animal's actions are unpredictable and may constitute a traffic hazard," police said.

"Please be extra vigilant while driving in this area."

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Karen MacDonald, who lives on Bruyère Street, said she was taking out the recycling when she noticed police cruisers on her street and neighbours standing on roofs and balconies. She said one of the neighbours told her there had been three deer in the area, and that two of them managed to get away.

"I just kind of went back inside but I guess after about half an hour I went to the store, and on the way home it crashed out from my neighbour's backyard and ran down the street," MacDonald said. "So the police had left by that point and I assumed the situation was over but no, it just came crashing out of my neighbour's backyard and I snapped a picture."

There were no reports of injuries.

Police said Monday morning that they hadn't spotted the deer themselves and did not receive any reports of one in the area after the initial calls.