The deaths of Amanda Trottier and Travis Votour, who were found in their Aylmer home by Trottier's parents on Monday, have been ruled Gatineau's first two homicides of 2014.

The deaths had initially been ruled suspicious. They were confirmed homicides after autopsies were performed in Montreal.

Gatineau police are not releasing the cause of death, and have not said whether investigators have any suspects.

Police do say that both Votour and Trottier were known to them. Votour had several arrests in his criminal record, most recently in March 2013, when he was charged for drug possession and assaulting a peace officer.

Trottier and Votour, both 23, were discovered on the main floor of their home at 158 de la Terrasse Eardley St. by Trottier's mother, Victoria Lebrasseur, and her husband.

"They took my baby, they took my baby," Victoria Lebrasseur told reporters Tuesday.

"It's like this is a bad dream, it's a bad nightmare, and I'm just hoping I wake up and it's not true."

Trottier's body was lying close to the front door, according to Trottier's cousin, Jennifer Labelle. Votour was face down on the floor close to a patio door in the living room, she said.

The toddler, meanwhile, was playing upstairs in her mother's bedroom.

The forensic investigation at the home wrapped up on Wednesday, police said. The rest of the investigation continues.