People are being warned to stay away from dams in the Mississippi Valley Watershed due to heavy rainfall over the weekend.

In Dalhousie Lake, for example, water levels last week were about 20 centimetres above the predicted level.

That's expected to rise another 10 to 15 centimetres in the next two days, according to a news release from Mississippi Valley Conservation.

Water levels in the western portion of the watershed — from Mazinaw Lake north of Kaladar to the Lanark Highlands — will be high for "at least the next two weeks," the release said.

Any more heavy rainfalls may make the situation worse, the release added.

People are asked to stay well away from all dams in the watershed because of the high water levels and fast-moving currents.

But someone has been pulling stop logs out of a dam in Carleton Place, which is releasing water they are trying to control. People could be pulling the logs out to use them as diving planks, the conservation authority said.

Ontario Provincial Police were notified on Friday when the conservation authority first became aware of the theft.