A man who suffered a cardiac arrest while cycling with his wife in March met the paramedics he credits with helping to save his life.


Jon and Susan Brayshaw were cycling in March when Jon suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Jon is cycling again, though he wears a heart monitor while doing so. (CBC)

The reunion happened at Ottawa Paramedic Service headquarters on Thursday.

"It's nice to see that things turn out every once in a while, you know?" said paramedic Warren Brown.

Jon and Susan Brayshaw were cycling through a tunnel near the Portage Bridge when Jon collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Cycling just behind them was a group of doctors, including a cardiologist.

They stopped to help, and quickly started chest compressions.

"I just thought they were helping him, that's great, but to all of a sudden see him doing chest compressions, that just made my stomach drop," Susan said.

Someone ran for help, and a few minutes later three paramedics — Martin Masse, Darryl Drake and Warren Brown — were on the scene.

Jon said he can't remember anything.

"I never saw any of you guys that day, I was blind, I just saw white," he said. "But I remember one of you was really talkative, and as I came to you said, 'Jon, you're a lucky man, you had a great group of people working on you. They brought you back.'"

Brown said it was the first time a patient he treated returned to say thanks.

"I could say thank you but what does that mean, really?" Susan said. "I'll be in debt to these people for the rest of my life, really. I have my husband. They restarted his heart."