A cyclist who got into an ugly confrontation with a motorist in Ottawa last week said he's surprised police aren't pursuing assault charges against the driver — contrary to what police said about their investigation on the weekend.

Victor Jung said he found out Sunday that police aren't laying charges against the unidentified motorist when he saw news stories about the confrontation, which occurred on Bronson Avenue around 3:20 p.m. on Jan. 11.

'He assaulted me. It's clearly an assault with his car.' - Victor Jung

Ottawa police said in a tweet Sunday afternoon the case was investigated, but that "the complainant did not wish to pursue charges."

"I found that ridiculous," said Jung, who lives in Chelsea, Que., and cycles to his job as a music teacher at Glebe Collegiate each day.

A video of the confrontation, first posted online by Ottawa radio station CFRA, showed a car nudging Jung repeatedly as he tried to use his bike as a shield and shouted, "No!" at the driver.

The 39-second video was shot by a passing motorist. It doesn't show what happened before or after the confrontation.

'I would like to see some justice' 

Jung said he was obeying traffic laws when the incident began.

"I noticed [the motorist] was staying on my tail very, very tightly. Just dangerously close," said Jung. "When we came to the red light, he was right behind me."

Victor Jung

Ottawa police say no charges will be laid after a video of a standoff between a car and cyclist Victor Jung was posted online. (Screen grab/CFRA)

Although not physically hurt, Jung said he did feel threatened and in danger.

"I was scared, for sure," he said. "He assaulted me. It's clearly an assault with his car."

Jung said there were several witnesses at the scene recording the incident on their mobile phones. He said the motorist also slapped him across the face, and at one point picked up and threw his bicycle several metres away.

"My back wheels are damaged ... my back light is broken, my front panier broke off, my crank is bent and my handlebars are bent," said Jung who wants his bicycle repaired or replaced.

"I'm going to go to the police and say that I'm dissatisfied. He definitely should be charged... I would like to see some justice." 

Ottawa police Const. Marc Soucy said although the case has been closed and no charges were laid, it could be reopened.

"Any investigation can be reopened. If new information arises or new witnesses come up, a case can always be reopened."