Ottawa student Nicole Williamson was one of three survivors in the Resolute Bay, Nunavut plane crash Saturday. (Carleton University)

CBC News has learned one of three survivors in the Resolute Bay, Nunavut crash is a 23-year-old Ottawa student.

In a statement to CBC News Tuesday, the family of Nicole Williamson confirmed she survived the Saturday crash and is currently recovering in an Ottawa hospital in stable condition.

"Nicole wishes to express her deepest gratitude to the members of the Canadian Forces, Operation Nanook, and to the Resolute Bay responders present at the crash site for their efficiency under the circumstances," the statement read.

"In her mind, their presence at the scene shortly after the accident was a critical factor in the success of the rescue effort."

Williamson was one of three survivors after a First Air 737 passenger jet crashed near the Resolute Bay airport. Twelve people died.

Seven-year-old Gabrielle Pelky and 48-year-old Robin Wyllie are also recovering in an Ottawa hospital. Williamson is also praised with helping save Pelky from the wreckage

The student is currently in graduate school studying geosciences at Carleton University and also attended the University of Ottawa for her bachelor's degree.

Williamson's family said she is still in a significant amount of pain as she waits for surgery on her foot this week.

But they wanted to send a "heartfelt thanks to all Canadians who share their relief, and wonder at this miracle in the midst of tragedy."

Canadian Forces personnel were able to help save three lives because of ongoing military training at the Resolute Bay airport.

Williamson will still spend several days in hospital for post-operative care after her surgery, the family has been told.

The family added its thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones in the crash.