A couple living in Luskville, Que., built an entire house with materials that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Kirk Finken and Natalie Fraser Luskville house shipping containers

Kirk Finken, left, and Natalie Fraser, right, built their home using four old shipping containers. (CBC)

It's hard to tell from the finished product that it's anything but a brand new home, but the walls have actually crossed oceans and continents.

Four steel shipping containers were used to build the house, along with wood strapping and soy-based foam insulation.

The containers are leftovers from global trade. Delivered to your doorstep, they cost about $4,000 per container.

Kirk Finken and his partner Natalie Fraser say they've learned a lot from the experience. They plan to expand the home into a community yoga studio.

"It was an adventure for everybody, and not always that easy," Finken said.

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