'Condo queen' realtor has licence suspended

Ottawa realtor, Marnie Bennett, has had her real estate licence suspended after she pleaded guilty to obstructing an investigation by the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

An Ottawa realtor who calls herself the "condo queen" has had her real estate licence suspended after pleading guilty to obstructing an investigation.

Marnie Bennett has a radio commercial where she promotes herself as the condo queen. (Bennettpros.com)

Marnie Bennett pleaded guilty to six counts of attempting to obstruct a Real Estate Council of Ontario inspector during a 2011 investigation.

The inspector was checking to see if she was hiring unlicensed realtors to engage in real estate trades and whether she improperly paid other realtors without using a brokerage.

Brokerages are used to protect clients, the real estate council said.

"Payments have to go through a specific process and that's in order to protect consumers because there is deposit protection insurance if anything happens," said Sherri Haigh.

"We certainly have rules around how funds are paid and where they are stored. It's important for us that those rules are followed."

Bennett admitted to counselling an employee to make false statements and to providing misleading documentation.

Her licence has been suspended for four months and she will have to pay a fine of $200,000.